Public Participation Repeat Elections

Eleven FKF Branches have successfully held public participation forums on the 2019/2020 Electoral Code ahead of repeat elections set to be held within the first trimester of 2020.

Among them is Nairobi East and West Branches who held their sessions at the Utalii Grounds and Ligi Ndogo Grounds on Wednesday, December 18, and Friday December 20, 2019, respectively. Regional League, County and Sub County clubs were present at the forum. Referee, coaches and players were also represented.

Nairobi East Branch Chairman Michael Majua, who will be contesting the Nairobi NEC Member’s seat, took the members through the electoral code. The proposed amendments were then forwarded to the Federation’s Ag. General Secretary, and will be further deliberated upon at the upcoming Special General Meeting in January.

“In its ruling last month the Sports Disputes Tribunal cited inadequate public participation as a basis for nullifying the county elections. It is for this reason that we have come back to our members to seek their input on the code,” said Chairman Majua.

“I and my Secretary will lobby for the inclusion of their views at next year’s SGM. We fully support the FKF President’s decision to abide by the SDT Ruling (Calling for fresh elections) and we are confident that Team Blue will still carry the day, in the end,” he said.

South Coast Branch Chairman Gabriel Mghendi also presided over yet another session in Mombasa early this week where he lauded the Federation’s stance in calling for public participation.

“Inclusivity is key in this process. I am happy that we have decided to take this path. We may have been taken a step back but in the end, the Members will have their chance to exercise their right to choose proper leadership,” said Mghendi.

North West Rift, North Rift, South Rift, Central Rift, Mt Kenya, Aberdares, Lower Eastern, and Nyanza West Branches have also held public participation session with nine Branches set to follow suit in due course

Upon deliberation by the National Executive Committee on the decisions by the members, a Special General Meeting will be convened in January, which will serve to pass a vote on the final Electoral Code. The NEC shall also propose an Electoral Board, which will be up for a vote on the same day.

If passed, the Board will henceforth be mandated with conducting the repeat elections.

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